What Makes Our Piano Teacher in Newport Beach Unique?

If you are searching for the best piano teacher in Newport Beach who does not charge an expensive fee, then you have come to the right place. Doris Chiang offers simplified piano lessons that will make it easier for you to learn how to play the piano.

Her music studio in Newport Beach offers a complete education package that will not only nurture students but it will also offer them unlimited opportunities to network and perfect their piano skills.

Doris Chiang is one of the most qualified pianists in the US that has diverse talents. She offers her piano lessons in different styles, like jazz, pop, and classical, as well as rock.

Because of its comprehensive piano lessons, you can easily learn to read music while you improvise. You will also have many opportunities to perform at various venues around Newport Beach.

Why Choose Doris Chiang

She received the Doctoral of Musical Arts at the University of Southern California. Doris graduated with high academic honors. She does not just teach piano lessons but she also presents program at the Richard Nixon Library and MTAC branch events.

 Piano Teacher in Newport Beach

To know more about her achievement and career highlights, make sure to visit the Biography page to get the complete list.

Quality Piano Lessons

With her experience as a musician and instructor, it is no wonder that parents who wish their kids to be an accomplished pianist would enroll their children to Doris Chiang’s piano lessons. She is fully accredited considering her successful career as a soloist and chamber pianist.

You will also be amazed by her affordable lesson rates. For Doris Chiang, it is not about how much she earns but how much her students learn is the most important. She offers great lessons every day for her students.

Her music studio is equipped with pianos that can assist students in boosting their piano skills. For Doris, there is nothing better than teaching her students and passing her passion to others. She wants her students to feel good about their lessons so they will not feel like it is a burden to them.

Learning the piano is not that easy. But Doris will motivate you to improve your piano skills to help you be an accomplished pianist or musician.

Training with her will guarantee that her students will develop multiple skills that can prepare them for different dimensions in the music industry.

The piano teacher in Newport Beach also trains her students the technical and performance skills that can surely help in reaching their goals. She inspires her students to explore their piano styles while she guides them in building musicality.

Regardless of your goals, she will train you to lay the foundation for you to become a well-rounded musician.

Before you start your piano lessons with Doris Chiang, you might want to know whether it is necessary to have your own piano.

For the first three months, it is not vital to have a piano. You can have an electrical keyboard, which is quite cheaper. However, the keyboard must have full-size keys or at least 60 keys.

To know more about the piano lessons of the piano teacher in Newport Beach, please contact us at (562) 537 7548.