Piano Teacher Orange County on Why Recitals are Vital

Piano Teacher Orange County

Doris Chiang, a well-known piano teacher in Orange County, requires her students to perform in recitals. Is it necessary though? Many of her students would ask.

Recitals may be necessary for some students. Doris will tell you whether or not you can perform in recitals. But recitals offer a tangible goal that you can work towards.

When you have a set date, you will learn to manage your practice time. You will do your best to practice so you can have a perfect performance.

Allow You to Feel Successful

Performing in recitals will give you the opportunity to feel successful. When you learn the piano, you will need to have many hours of solo practice. When you perform, you can use it as a form of recognition for your hard work.
Piano Teacher Orange County

If your kids are learning the piano, allowing them to perform in recitals will make them feel you value their involvement in it. That’s why you must set aside a time to attend your children’s recital.


When you perform in recitals, you will feel like an accomplished pianist. Many people will be there to watch you perform.

Thus, you will do your best to give them excellent performance. You are more motivated to practice for hours, which can help in advancing your skills.

One of the many ways to improve piano skills is motivation. The more motivated you are, the more likely you will progress.

As you watch other students perform, you are motivated to train every day. It is especially true if your performance is below average.

When you witness your peers perform, you are likely to spend more time playing the piano. As soon as the next performance comes, you will do better than your previous performance.

You will experience the pride associated with being a piano expert.

Be More Disciplined

When you have a deadline to work, you will rise above the chaos and enter the disciplined process. As you prepare for the recital, you are not only motivated but you also cultivate discipline. You will know more about the time management and set time for piano practice.

Learn to Conquer Difficulties

Participating in a recital will motivate you to perfect a piece. As you learn the piano, you will find some parts of the pieces to be challenging.

You may skip those difficult sections. But if you are preparing for a recital, you are putting more effort to perfect the piece.

In other words, you will learn several techniques to help you overcome those difficulties and challenges. This habit will help you improve your skills as you advance your stage.

Build Confidence

Our piano teacher in Orange County reveals that many of her students lack confidence. That’s why she encourages them to perform in recitals to boost their confidence.

When you know that you are performing, you will learn how to deal with your nervousness while you build your self-confidence.

There are just a few of the benefits of performing in recitals. If you wish to master playing the piano and perform, then now is the time to sign up for piano lessons. Call our piano teacher in Orange County to register: (562) 537-7548.