Piano Teacher Orange County on Classical or Pop Music Piano Lessons

Piano Teacher Orange County

Some parents would visit Doris Chiang, a piano teacher in Orange County, and ask about the better way for their children to learn piano. Should they go for classical or pop music?

The answer? If they could learn both, then that would better.

Classical music is definitely different from pop songs. However, each style has its own way to teach you some strategies on how to advance your skills.

Classical Piano Lessons

They can help you speed and agility. Accomplished classical pianists’ level of complexity is beyond comparison. But one con, if you choose to learn exclusively classical music, is that you will have difficulty in playing by ear or creating accompaniments.

Piano Teacher Orange County

Some classical pianists can play Liszt’s pieces perfectly. However, they struggle to play simple songs with chords or improvisation by ear.

If you like to explore classical music, though, talk to our piano teacher in Orange County. Doris Chiang will help you determine whether a classical piano lesson is ideal for your situation.

How About Contemporary Piano Lessons

If you want to learn popular music of Taylor Swift, Coldplay or Ed Sheeran, you can still learn through reading sheet music as your foundation. However, as you advance your skills, you may focus on learning how to play by ear. You can improvise and easily arrange songs.

You will also learn to read chords and utilize chord progressions so you can read jazz and rock charges. They are skills that are vital if you wish to be part of a rock band or jazz group.

However, students of contemporary piano lessons are slow in reading sheet music. And this is where Doris Chiang comes in. She is an incredible piano teacher who can teach you both classical piano lessons and contemporary piano lesson.

You can choose to study jazz, pop or classical. But Doris Chiang will balance your lessons. In that way, you can hone your skills on how to play by ear and read music sheet faster.

Find the Best Teacher in Orange County

To be the best piano student, you need to find the best piano teacher. Keep in mind that your piano skills will depend on several factors.

And your teacher is one of those things to consider. You must enroll in one of the best piano lessons that do not have to be expensive.

When searching for the best piano teacher in Orange County, you should get recommendations from the teachers of your child’s school. Most of them would recommend the piano lessons of Doris Chiang.

Doris Chiang is a well-recognized piano teacher in OC. She has a connection with various local music teachers. That’s why most teachers in Orange County know her and recommend her lessons to those parents who wish to enroll their kids for a piano lesson.

During the first meeting with the teacher, Doris will assess your level and skills. She can then tell whether learning classical piano music is better for you than learning popular music.

Get an appointment with the piano teacher in Orange County at (562) 537 7548.