Top Piano Teacher in Lakewood to Develop Your Performance Confidence

top piano teacher in Lakewood

It is natural to feel those butterflies in your stomach when you perform. However, if you want to develop performance confidence when playing the piano, you need to have a mentor to guide you. One of the mentors you can trust is Doris Chiang, a well-renowned top piano teacher in Lakewood

Developing Performance Confidence 

Playing the piano has a lot of benefits. It relaxes your mind and body. However, to play the piano with confidence requires a lot of practice and guidance from a great piano teacher. 

The confidence is not an easy thing to achieve, though. Then again, if you are working with a piano teacher in Lakewood, you will know the tactics on how to overcome those negative emotions so you can move forward. 

Piano Teacher in Lakewood on How to Feel Confident and Be Comfortable While Playing 

Doris Chiang was once a piano student. She knows and understands how you are feeling every time you come in for a piano lesson. You may lack the confidence to play, especially if you feel that you are too old to learn how to play the piano. 

But Doris Chiang is a wonderful teacher who has been helping students for more than a decade. Most of her students now are professional musicians. They are not just playing the piano but they also ventured to play other musical instruments to hone their creativity. 

One of the things that you can learn from Doris Chiang to develop your performance confidence is to stop comparing yourself to others. Always keep in mind that you are different. Each person has his/her musical journey. Your learning path will be different from someone else. 

top piano teacher in Lakewood

However, if you really want to perfect and master the piano, you need to practice all the time. You must attend Doris’s lessons every week to hone your skills. 

Every lesson can last for 30 minutes. However, for beginners, 45 minutes of learning how to play will be necessary. For advanced students, an hour of piano lessons is required. 

Developing your performance confidence will also depend on how long you practice each day. You can learn to play the piano within a month. 

But it varies on how deeply you are committed to this habit. If you could attend her piano lesson every week and practice every day for 30 minutes, then playing the piano within a month is possible. 

You may also need to own a piano at home. In that way, you can practice each day. There is no need to purchase, though, because there are shops out there that allow you to rent out their musical instruments. 

Apart from attending her piano lessons, you also need to participate in a recital. It can be nerve-wracking, especially if you have performance anxiety. However, you can never have confidence if you do not break the barrier. 

Doris Chiang will help you overcome your fear of playing. She wants you to succeed and achieve your dream of becoming a pianist. 

To know more about her piano lessons, please contact our piano teacher in Lakewood at (562) 537-7548.