Piano Teacher in Westminster: Tips on How to Prepare for Recital Day

piano teacher in Westminster

Doris Chiang is a piano teacher in Westminster who requires her students to participate in a recital. As a participant, you will gain performance experience. 

This is crucial if you wish to be a professional musician. It is not easy to play the piano in front of people. But the more you perform in front of a group of people, the easier it becomes. 

However, you need to be prepared for the recital day. You cannot just go to the stage and play something. Remember, Doris Chiang will be there to evaluate your skills. You cannot go to the next level if you cannot perfect the music assigned to you. 

Piano Teacher in Westminster Recommends Getting a Good Night’s Sleep 

Yes, you can practice weeks before the recital day. However, if you don’t get enough sleep the day before, then you cannot stay focused. With proper rest, you can increase your creativity while lowering your stress.

And do not forget to eat your breakfast. Having a healthy breakfast will boost your energy for the big day. You should try eating protein and fiber to help you feel full for a longer period. In that way, while you are playing on stage, you will not hear your growling tummy. 

piano teacher in Westminster

Avoid Drama Before the Recital 

You must avoid any fight or emotional stress with your family and friends. It is not the best time to have a drama in your life. You need a clear head to focus so you can succeed in your performance. 

When you have a clear headspace, you can enjoy performing in front of people as you are dress up nicely while your peers are listening to you as well. 

Play with Passion 

Doris wants you to practice every day, for at least 30 minutes a day. However, when you play, you need to play it with passion. Don’t focus on perfection. Rather, you must focus on your emotions. 

The piano teacher in Westminster will teach you how to play with your heart first so you can perfect the music. You cannot enjoy the music if you focus on being perfect. Instead of striving to play perfectly, you should focus on how to express and play the feeling of the song. 

By playing with passion, you can enjoy the music. It will be more fulfilling and your audience will love it. If you play a wrong note, don’t worry about it. What’s not okay is playing without passion. Your performance will be boring. 

It is easy to feel nervous about the recital. But Doris Chiang will be there to help you feel relaxed. And always keep in mind your nervousness can be a good thing. You can use it to help you perform well. 

Before you go to the stage and play, you must take a few minutes to take a deep breath. Play the music and do not mind the people watching you. Remember, you are better than them. 

Playing the piano is fun and fulfilling, especially if you participate in a recital. If you wish to start learning how to play the piano, choose to enroll in one of the classes of Doris Chiang. To contact the piano teacher in Westminster, please call (562) 537-7548.