Tips to Practice Piano More Effectively

Your piano lessons in Anaheim can improve your skills at the piano. However, you must take a significant amount of time practicing to work on your skills. Consistent practice is the key to mastering the piano. But how often should you practice? What are the techniques you must implement to maximize your practice session? 


How to Practice Piano Lessons in Anaheim? 

There’s no set rule for the amount of time you need to practice piano. But the amount of time you need to invest in practicing this musical instrument will vary depending on your current skill levels and your goals. You should consider these factors when you plan your practice routine. 


Avoid Mindless Playing 

It will be ineffective at improving your skills. What you must do is to ensure that you are practicing deliberately and efficiently. That’s why you must have short and long-term goals when practicing piano. Then, consider these goals when planning out your practice. 


For instance, you may plan to master one of Chopin’s musical pieces in two months. This is your long-term goal. The short-term goal is to practice playing a line per week. From there, you can plan out your routine on how to achieve those goals and remove distractions while practicing. 

No Phones When Practicing 

As mentioned, it will be ineffective to practice mindlessly. And if you have your phone with you while practicing, you will be interrupted now and again every time you receive a message or a call. That said, it’s ideal that you turn it off. You should also eliminate other possible interruptions, like your TV, computer, or Netflix. 

Warming Up During Practice

This is necessary to protect your muscles. Keep in mind that piano playing is like an exercise. Just like exercising, you need to warm up to protect your muscles. Warming up will also help your mind prepare for the practice session. And while you practice, you must ensure that you spend 15 minutes on scales, timing, and other fundamentals. 


Throughout your practice session, you need to take it slowly. It will be more effective to learn at half-speed before you increase your speed gradually. Taking it slowly will also avoid overwhelming yourself with a certain piece of music. It’s also vital that you practice with a metronome. This will help in honing your timing. At the end of each session, you should play a fun piece that will help you remain confident and motivated to continue practicing. 

How Many Hours to Practice? 

It’s better to practice for half an hour each day than to practice for three straight hours every other day. Practicing for longer hours in a day will just overwhelm you. It may also cause you to lose motivation because you’re stressing yourself. Spending at least 30 minutes per day is enough to improve your skills. It also prevents you from straining your muscles. 


Practicing is vital. It will help you improve your piano skills. And make sure to attend the lessons of Doris Chiang each week so she can determine your progress. She can also evaluate your level and find out what areas you need to improve. To learn more about Doris’ piano lessons in Anaheim, please call: (562) 537-7548