Is an Electric Keyboard Okay for Beginners?

One of the many questions of people who want to start attending the piano lessons in Orange County is if they can start on an electric keyboard. It’s also one of the most frequently asked questions of the new students of Doris Chiang. So we’re going to explain it here. 


Electric Keyboard for Your Piano Lessons in Orange County 

It’s okay for beginners to use an electric keyboard for piano lessons as long as the keyboard has 88 keys. Most electric pianos today have fewer than 88 keys, which are necessary for every piano lesson. They can come with 49 keys or 73 keys. Furthermore, these pianos are smaller and they are not weighted. It means that you can press the keys easily, unlike a real piano. 


Importance of Electric Pianos with Weighted Keys

It’s vital that your electric pianos have weighted keys so that if you hit the key hard, you can hear a corresponding loud sound. In other words, weighted keys are responsive to various levels of pressure. With the absence of weighted action, you will only get a dynamic range because there’s single pressure applied to the key. And it’s not ideal. 


Another reason weighted keys are vital for beginners is that a weighted keyboard encourages the proper development of the muscles that are required to play the piano. If you press the keyboard and it doesn’t respond the way a real piano would, you will only develop bad techniques. These bad techniques can be difficult to get rid of as time goes by. 


Size of the Keyboard 

Apart from the weight keys, it’s also important to invest in a keyboard with a full-sized keyboard. It means that it must have full 88 keys. A full-sized keyboard will give you a sense of the range of sounds available in a piano. Although smaller keyboards are cheaper, they may hinder your progress when it comes to learning the piano. 


What Electric Keyboard to Consider? 

Of course, if budget is a hindrance, then you may still buy an electric keyboard, instead of a piano. However, you should consider those things mentioned above. That is, you must invest in a keyboard with at least 88 weighted keys. If you want, you may contact Doris Chiang, first, before you head out and buy an electric keyboard. 


Doris will help you find the right keyboard that you can use in your piano lessons with her. She may, however, ask several questions so she can help in determining the right option for your situation. The most important thing here is that you should purchase a keyboard that’s not the cheapest because it may not be helpful in your lessons. 


How to Start the Lessons? 

With the current situation, Doris Chiang only handles online piano lessons. It means that the lessons are held virtually. But the setting will still feel like you are in her piano studio in Orange County. For more information about Doris Chiang’s piano lessons in Orange County, you may call her at (562) 537-7548.