Students of All Skills Benefit from a Piano Teacher in Garden Grove

Students of All Skills Benefit from a Piano Teacher in Garden Grove

If you have always enjoyed sitting and listening to a live performance of piano music or have music at home that you play, again and again, wishing you could play the same way on the piano, you likely are a true lover of piano music. It is never too late to turn your passion for the music into something of your own and learning how to play the piano yourself. Perhaps you played long ago as a child and long to pick it up again. Wherever you may be in the learning process, a brand-new beginner or a seasoned player, you can benefit from seeing a piano teacher in Garden Grove like me, Dr. Doris Chiang.

Starting from Scratch

I get many students that come to me, both children and adults, that are just starting out playing the piano and want to learn. While starting out may seem intimidating at first, working with me will help you overcome any anxiety you might have. I will ease you into the playing as we go over the basics at the start so that you can become accustomed to practicing, the keys and the piano. You will find that the instruction I provide for you is informative and fun so that you can build on your love the piano and feel the reward of learning to play.

Seasoned Players Can Benefit too

Even if you have years of experience playing the piano, you can still benefit from a piano teacher in Garden Grove like myself. You may have areas of your playing that you would like to improve upon that I can assist you with. There may be certain techniques you struggle with or just want to have a professional ear listen to your playing to help you with some of the subtleties involved in playing. I can help you to become the well-rounded musician you hope to be so that you can play and perform at your best.

Let’s Talk about Playing

Young or old, veteran or beginner – I can be the ideal piano teacher in Garden Grove for you or your child. If you would like to meet so we can talk about piano lessons, please feel free to give me, Dr. Doris Chiang, a call at 562-537-7548. We can book an appointment where we can meet and talk about the potential of lessons so that you can see what I have to offer in instruction that can benefit you.