What You Can Learn from a Piano Teacher in Lakewood

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Playing any instrument can bring great joy into your life. If you have a passion for music and want to learn to play an instrument like the piano, the best place for you to start is to get lessons. There are different avenues you can explore for lessons today, including the use of books and following programs available online, but there is still nothing like working with an experienced player and learning the craft from him or her. You will find that there is a great deal you can learn from a piano teacher in Lakewood like me, Dr. Doris Chiang, that you will not get from a book or computer.

Learn the Nuances of Expression

It is true that you can learn the basics of playing the piano from a book or online guide. While you can discover the correct keys to strike when playing with these methods when you work with a teacher like me you will also learn some of the more nuanced instruction regarding the technique of playing. What many new students may not know is that there is much more to playing the music than simply striking the right notes. There is emotion and expression involved and how the music is interpreted can affect your technique. You will learn this from working with a teacher in person so that you can bring more of your personal expression and emotion to the music.

Learning Certain Techniques

Working with a piano teacher in Lakewood like myself will also give you the chance to learn more about particular techniques. Students may find that they rush through the music instead of learning the best way to find the correct tempo. This technique is something you will not get from a book, but you will get it from the reaction of the teacher that is there with you. You can learn more about techniques like tempo, synchronizing chords, playing two notes together at different volumes and more as you progress in your lessons.

Get Feedback and Input

You will find that you can learn a great deal about music, theory, and piano playing when I am your piano teacher in Lakewood. If you are interested in learning more about me, Dr. Doris Chiang, my background, and the lessons I can provide, please take the time to visit my website at www.dorischiang.com. If you decide you are interested in lessons, you may contact me at 562-537-7548 to arrange a meeting so we can discuss your goals.