Piano Teacher Anaheim to Learn to Play Piano in Six Weeks or Less

piano teacher in Anaheim

Can you learn the piano in less than six weeks? It is one of the many questions that Doris Chiang, a piano teacher in Anaheim, receives from her first-time students. Most of them also wonder how often should they take a lesson. 

Piano Teacher in Anaheim on How to Stay Committed 

Doris Chiang recommends her beginner students to book a lesson at least once a week. If they could have more than once a week session for the first few months, then that would be better. The more lessons you take, the higher the chances of you staying committed to your learning the piano.

piano teacher in Anaheim 

It can be difficult to progress if you do not have a piano lesson for a week. Piano lessons are made to keep pushing you to reach your maximum potential. 

Having a piano lesson once a week is not too much. However, our piano teacher recommends practicing every day at home. 

That’s why it is beneficial if you have your own piano or keyboard in your house so you can practice every day. However, if you cannot afford to purchase this musical instrument yet, then you can just rent one. There are several shops where they allow people to play their instruments for an hour or so. They just have to pay for it. 

If your goal is to learn how to play the piano in less than six weeks, then you must have piano lessons with Doris once a week. Her piano lessons can range from 30 minutes per session or an hour per session. 

When learning the piano for the first time, you must bond with your teacher. Doris Chiang is the friendliest piano teacher you can find in Anaheim. 

Her students are from various age groups. She would allow her students to have fun while learning. But she is also a performance-oriented teacher. 

Doris ensures that her students will have an enjoyable atmosphere to learn. She also offers challenges to her students to ensure their progress. 

Within six weeks of attending her piano lessons, you should not expect yourself to be as good as Beethoven or Liszt. Although it is possible to be that good within a short period, there are only a few people who could do it. 

The key here is consistency. That is, you need to practice every day for at least an hour. But the more hours you commit to practicing, the faster you can master this instrument. 

Doris Chiang will know whether or not you are practicing based on your performance. She also knows if you are ready for a recital. It is not compulsory at first. However, the recital will help you boost your confidence. 

Piano lessons at Doris’s studio can be fun and exciting. Her music studio is filled with several elements that can surely motivate you to play. As regards to her rates, they can vary depending on the number of minutes per session you wish to have. 

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