Piano Teacher in Orange County Reveals the Common Mistakes That Beginners Make When Learning the Piano


Beginner pianists always struggle. Even the well-known piano teacher in Orange County, Doris Chiang, struggled to master the piano when she was still getting her first lessons. What is important here is to learn from your mistakes.

Play Too Fast

It is one of the problems among new and young pianists. Beginners think that playing the piano is a race. They want to play it at the final tempo. But it is a huge mistake as you are still learning the notes.

Playing fast will only make you commit more mistakes and establish muscle memory that can be difficult to alter. That’s why when you attend a piano lesson with Doris Chiang, she will remind you to slow down so you will not miss out vital parts of the music.

You must practice slowly in a way that you cannot make a mistake. Practicing slowly will help you learn better and you will finish quicker.

Not Play the Music

Playing the music does not only mean hitting the notes and rhythms but it also means paying attention to the dynamic changes, as well as the articulation and the phrasing.

If you play fast, you will miss other fine details of the music. Beginners miss these details as they listen to music.

One of the first things that the piano teacher in Orange County will teach you is to focus on the music right from the start. In that way, you will develop good muscle memory that will not require fixing.

Expect Results Quickly

Kids are not the only ones who commit this mistake. Adults, too, have this problem. When you start learning the piano, you may start with easy to learn a piece, like Mary Had a Even the well-known piano teacher in Orange County, Doris Chiang, struggled to master the piano when she was still getting her first lessons. Little Lamb. This kind of piece may be simple but it is integral as you learn how to read music.

Reading the notes is easy. But reading music is difficult. As you practice, the music will be boring for a while. But never get discouraged. When you get the hang of it, you can easily move to the music you wish to learn.

Not Practicing Consistently

You will never progress quickly if you failed to practice consistently. Professional pianists practice playing the piano for more than four hours a day. Even though you are not planning to make music as your career, you need to practice as much as you can.

If you could only devote an hour each day for practice, it is fine as long as you are consistent with it. You need to do it every day to allow your brain to make sense of everything that you learn.

Not Hiring a Piano Teacher

It is true that you can learn piano on your own. But you will never know the proper way to play the piano.

Doris Chiang, a sought-after piano teacher in Orange County, has been teaching young kids and adults piano lessons for several years now. Even if you are not interested in pursuing a music career, your piano teacher can make a difference.

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