Online Piano Classes Via Skype

Dr. Doris Chiang’s Online Piano Lessons via Skype

Have you been considering finding a well-educated and experienced piano teacher for your child but are worried that your busy schedule won’t allow you’re the time to take your child to and from his or her lessons? The Skype lessons provided by Dr. Doris Chiang’s Piano Studio on Orange County has enabled a number of students to continue piano studies through moves, busy semesters at school, all from the comfort of their own home.

Online Piano Lessons via Skype | Dr. Chiang’s Piano Lessons

With the use of Skype, Dr. Chiang is able to teach her intermediate, regional and international students, whether they be in Ontario or London. With Skype’s free, high quality video conferencing capabilities, Dr. Change brings her piano lessons to life with the private one-one-one and interactive video lessons at no additional cost! Online lessons are the ideal solution for any piano student that wants to study as a profession, as well as students that would like to keep their piano skills honed for relaxation.

Setting up Online Piano Lessons via Skype | What You’ll Need

Let’s talk about a couple of the physical requirements that you’ll need to have set up to enable the most fluid and uninterrupted online piano lesson via Skype possible. First of all, and most importantly, you’re going to want to practice in a room that is quiet with great internet access. Without access to high speed internet, the screen can frequently pixelate or freeze, which disturbs the lesson and cost’s students valuable lesson time. Secondly, once you’ve situated your laptop or IPad in an appropriate place that can clearly see both the student’s fingers and the entirety of the Piano’s keyboard, we suggest that you take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the Skype program itself, if you haven’t already. Being 100% prepared before your first online piano lesson can also help you save additional time specifically for teaching. Dr. Doris Chiang’s online piano lessons via Skype are highly productive and rewarding. Hopefully the suggestions discussed here will help prepare future students to make the most of their online piano classes via Skype.

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If you have questions regarding the online piano classes via Skype offered by Dr. Doris Chiang, or would simply like to contact us to obtain additional information about Dr. Doris Chiang’s Piano Studio don’t hesitate, contact us today! With the use of our new online piano classes via Skype we’ll have you playing like a pro in no time! Contact us at 562.537.7548.