Looking for an Orange County Piano Teacher?

Orange County Piano Teacher

With over 23 years of experience teaching piano, Dr. Chiang has perfected a number of teaching methods that can accommodate students of all ages and at different levels of piano expertise. Whether you intend to sign up for piano lessons with no previous experience, or already have experience and are looking for a teacher to keep your technique in top shape, Dr. Chiang is the teacher for you.

Piano for Beginners

If you’re currently on the market for a piano teacher for your daughter or son and don’t know where to start you’re in the right place! We’ve put together a bit of information regarding the best ways to make sure that the piano teacher you’ve chosen in the right fit for your child’s piano goals.

  • Bonding

Bonding is really the key element in any relationship. Over time and through experience we’ve come to learn that in order for a child to want to learn from a mentor, they’ve got to like them. If you child is shy during their first lesson or initial interview, make sure to take note whether or not the teacher tries to accommodate their nervousness to make them feel more comfortable. Dr. Chiang completely understands that each of her students is an individual and makes a point to accommodate each of her students accordingly.


  • Goals

It’s important to know what exactly your child is interested in getting out of piano lessons. Some teachers are highly performance oriented, while others just want their students to have fun while learning choice tunes. Make sure that the piano teacher that you’ve chosen adheres to a teaching philosophy that maintains a fair balance between the two.


  • Learning Should Be Fun

Whether or not you or your child is interested in becoming a master of piano, it’s important to take a step back and remember that learning the piano is a fun experience. Make sure that the piano teacher of your choosing provides an enjoyable atmosphere to learn in but at the same time offers appropriate challenges to inspire progress. With personal experience as a student in Master Piano Classes herself, Dr. Chiang knows that her lessons are most conducive when she provides fun, engaging and challenging material for each individual student’s personality types

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If you’re interested in more information regarding Dr. Chiang’s Piano Studio or are already a student of Dr. Chiang’s and simply have questions regarding your current lesson plans don’t hesitate to call us today! Contact us at 562.537.7548.