Highly Recommended Piano Lessons in Buena Park

Piano lessons in Buena Park can cause fear in the heart of your children. For them, they’d rather play football or hang out with their friends, rather than play Moonlight Sonata in the presence of a piano teacher. Thankfully, with today’s many options, learning how to play the piano is no longer a daunting experience. …

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Do You Need to Invest in Other Supplies for Your Piano Lessons?

Piano lessons in Brea have corresponding costs. The price for the piano lesson itself will depend on the length of practice and the instructor. Doris Chiang offers reasonable rates for her comprehensive piano lessons. If you wish to know more about the cost, please give us a call.  What Other Supplies Do You Need for…

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Do Piano Lessons Include Learning How to Perfect Your Posture on Piano?

Piano Lessons Newport Beach

Piano lessons in Newport Beach include a lot of things. Doris Chiang, the well-renowned piano teacher will also teach you how to improve your piano posture. It is not the focus of the lesson, though. However, if she notices you’re slouching while playing, she’ll correct it.  The Importance of Posture in Piano Lessons in Newport…

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Getting to Know the Potential Piano Teacher for Your Kids

piano teacher in Garden Grove

Playing the piano is one of the coolest skills anyone can have. There are many benefits of possessing this skill, besides the obvious. If you wish your kids to grow up knowing how to play the piano, then now is the time for you to choose a piano teacher in Garden Grove.  What to do…

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What Makes the Best Piano Teacher in Huntington Beach?

Best Piano Teacher in Huntington Beach

Your kids can learn how to play the piano by using mobile apps. However, nothing can beat having a piano teacher in Huntington Beach to teach them more than the basics of piano playing. If you are on the lookout for the best piano teacher for your kids, here are some things to consider.  What are…

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