The Best Approach for Beginner Piano Lessons in Fullerton

Many people have a great love for music that goes beyond loving listening to your music on your phone, on the radio, or at a dance club. You want to find a way to get more involved with music and to have the ability to transfer the strong feelings you have so that others can appreciate the music as well. Now may be the right time for you to think about learning to play a musical instrument like the piano to help your love of music grow even more. Finding the best way to learn how to play is the first step for you to take, and having the right approach to beginner piano lessons in Fullerton can help assure that your passion for music continues.

Getting Easily Discouraged with Lessons

Because of the electronic world we live in today, many people interested in starting lessons jump at the chance to learn to play the piano online through instructional video or digital programs. While these lessons can be a good introduction for some people, for others they can lead to quick discouragement and disappointment. The lessons that you may find that are through video or digital instruction may not provide you with the base you need in music theory and understanding so that you can learn to read music and understand it better before you start playing. You might find you get turned off quickly by your lack of progress and give up right away.

Seeking Lessons from an Instructor

Instead of going online for lessons, you may want to seek out beginner piano lessons in Fullerton from an experienced instructor like myself, Dr. Doris Chiang. I have been working with students of all ages and skill levels for over twenty years and can provide you with the instruction you need to help you get started with learning the piano. I will give you the foundation you need to help you get off on the right foot with your lessons and teach you how much fun it can be to learn to play the piano at the same time.

Discover the Joy in Piano Lessons

You can discover the joy of piano lessons in Fullerton when you start taking lessons with me, Dr. Doris Chiang. To learn more about me, my background as a pianist and instructor, and the lessons I offer, please look around here at my website. If you would like to arrange for a consultation to discuss the potential of lessons for yourself, you can phone me at 562-537-7548, and we can schedule time to meet and talk about playing the piano and your future.