Choosing the Right Piano Lessons in Whittier

Playing music can be a great way to relax, express yourself and enjoy something you feel passionate about. Some people may wish to take piano lessons from the time they are a small child, but they may not get the opportunity to take lessons until later in life. Whether you are an adult looking to start out learning to play, or you have a child that has shown great interest in music and the piano, lessons are the ideal place to start. Choosing the right piano lessons in Whittier takes some careful consideration so that you can find a routine and instructor that helps to foster your love of playing.

Choosing the Right Place and Time for Lessons

There are several piano instructors available in the area that you can select from, but one important factor to consider when looking for a teacher is that the location and time of the lessons is one that works well for you. You do not want to choose to get lessons from a teacher at a location that is difficult for you to get to each week. You also want to think carefully about the time of the lessons so you can be sure the time slot is one that fits well into your schedule. You would hate to sign up for lessons that you miss often or are late to because of scheduling.

Choose an Expert Piano Teacher

When you are looking to start piano lessons in Whittier, you want to work with a piano teacher that has experience both as a teacher and a pianist. There are instructors out there that may not have a lot of experience teaching or may not have the style and approach that you can benefit from the most. You want a teacher that makes you comfortable learning to play and brings a fun style to teaching so that you can see the joy that comes from learning to play the piano.

Gives Lessons with Me a Try!

If you are looking to take piano lessons in Whittier and are not sure where to go to start, give lessons with me, Dr. Doris Chiang, a try. I am an experienced instructor and professional pianist who can help you learn to play the piano so that you can share your passion for music with the world. You can learn more about me and my lessons when you read the information provided here on my website, or you can phone me at 562-537-7548, and I will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a meeting so we can talk about potential lessons together.