When Should You Start Piano Lessons?

Piano lessons Anaheim

Piano lessons in Anaheim can be good for your physical health. That’s because regular piano playing can help in sharpening your fine motor skills. It also improves your dexterity. Since piano playing is an exercise, it can make your hands and muscles stronger compared to the average person. Now, that you know the benefits of piano lessons, you might wonder when is the best time to start learning. 

When to Start Piano Lessons in Anaheim

The best age to start piano lessons is between 6 and 9. However, it still depends on the person’s interest. Even if you’re an adult, it’s not too late to learn the piano. Some people can still learn the piano at the age of 40 and they are rocking it. As long as you have a keen interest in piano playing, no age can prevent you from taking piano lessons. 

Is Your Child Ready to Start the Lessons? 

There are signs that can help determine if a child is ready to start learning piano. Hand size, coordination, and finger independence are important factors that can determine whether or not students are ready to take piano lessons. Besides the physical factors, though, students must also have the ability to focus and communicate with others. 

Does Your Child Have Basic Motor Skills? 

They are vital because if students have motor control challenges, they will find it difficult to play the keys on the piano. Thankfully, piano playing can help them overcome the challenges over time. In fact, piano playing can provide students with new confidence that they can use in school or when they interact with other people. 


Piano lessons Anaheim

Is Your Child Motivated to Learn? 

Piano lessons take a lot of someone’s time and money. But mostly time. If you wish your child to take the lesson seriously, she needs to understand the importance of dedication and commitment. If your child isn’t motivated to learn, it can be a challenge to learn playing the piano. 

Piano lessons are difficult at first. But if she is motivated to learn, it’ll be easier for her to play a piano piece flawlessly. If your child loves music or she’s excited to play new songs, then it’s a good sign that she’s ready to start taking a piano lesson. 

Is It Difficult to Learn Piano If You’re Old? 

Just like anything else in this world, it’s never too late to learn. However, it will be harder to learn at an older age. The reason for this is that your brain no longer has the plasticity when you were still young. Then again, the adult brain can still learn new information. IT also can still take new skills, i.e. piano playing. 

Although it’s tough to learn to play the piano, it can be done as long as you have the motivation and dedication to practice and learn. With the help of Doris Chiang and her piano lessons in Anaheim, anyone can learn the piano. To enroll in her lessons, please call (562) 537-7548.