What to Consider Before You Get Piano Lessons in Cerritos

What to Consider Before You Get Piano Lessons in Cerritos

If you have toyed around with the idea of playing the piano for years and are finally ready to dive in and learn more about playing, finding a good piano teacher needs to be a priority for you. There is only so much you can learn from a book or computer program before you realize that if you want to develop into a really good piano player that personal lessons are the way you need to go. Before you start going for the piano lessons in Cerritos, there are some things you want to consider so you can make sure you get the best teacher and get the most from the experience.

What to Consider Before You Get Piano Lessons in Cerritos

The Background of the Piano Teacher

When you first start looking at piano instructors, either from recommendations from friends, family or neighbors or from searching online, you want to make sure you look at the background and experience of the teachers you consider. You want someone that has long experience with teaching so that you know you are getting someone that has a successful approach to take with students. Someone with professional experience can be helpful to you as well, and you want someone that can help you learn the particular genre of music you have the most interest in.

The Time for Lessons

Another aspect to consider regarding piano lessons in Cerritos is you want to make sure that you have time for lessons and practice. It is one thing to love the idea of taking lessons; it can be another to fulfill the commitments involved with them. Make sure you know you have the time in your life to go to the lessons when they are scheduled and to get in practice time so your playing grows and improves. Without the proper time commitment, you may feel like you are wasting your money.

Talk to Me about Lessons

If you are considering piano lessons in Cerritos and want to see what you can do to grow as a player, reach out to me, Dr. Doris Chiang, to talk about lessons. I am a professional pianist and instructor with over twenty years of experience and can help you learn and expand on your love of the piano and its music. Give me a call at 562-537-7548 so we can set up a date and time to meet, talk about the piano, and discuss potential lessons so you can progress your skills.