The Need to Practice Online Piano Lessons in Yorba Linda

piano lessons Yorba Linda

One of the biggest mistakes of students attending the piano lessons in Yorba Linda is that they don’t practice. The goal of practicing regularly is to get better. It’s a typical response. But when will you stop practicing? Many students would say that they stop practicing when they become better at playing the piece.

What’s the Real Point of Practicing the Piano Lessons in Yorba Linda

Although the goal of practicing every day is to help you get better each time, it’s not the only reason. Piano practicing will help you program your fingers and mind over time. It makes it easier for you to develop your style and piano skills. Hence, if you wish to be serious about playing this musical instrument, then you must practice as often as you can. You must stay consistent with your training with Doris Chiang. Practicing once a week and not playing the piano for the entire month won’t improve your skills. When learning the piano, you need to be consistent and regular. If it’s possible, make sure to practice every day for at least 30 minutes. By being consistent with your practice, you are forcing your brain to be accustomed to playing the piano and allow the brain to program itself. Without regular practice, you will lose momentum. When you start practicing again after not playing for a few weeks, it will be difficult to learn the instrument. Hence, Doris Chiang recommends setting a time and frequency to practice. Stick to your schedule for the best results. 

When is the Best Time to Practice? 

No one can tell when is the best time to practice playing the piano. It’s all up to you. You need to pick the most convenient time. It has to be a time of the day that you’re not distracted so you can focus on practicing and playing. In that case, you can practice after school or work. Some online students of Doris Chiang find that they are more productive if they practice playing the piano early in the morning. However, you must only choose the schedule that is best for you. There will come a time that you put off practicing. The urge is strong. But you need to fight it. Always think about the reward of practicing every day or regularly. Think about your favorite piano players. They have become the best because they practice regularly. 

But When is the Time to Stop Practicing? 

If you practice until you can’t bear it any longer, it might be time for you to stop practicing. It can occur because you are cramming. That is, you want to achieve a lot in too little time. For that reason, it’s best to practice until you feel proud of your accomplishment. When you do that, you create an association with your piano and bring you a lifetime of fulfillment. 

Can You Still Continue Practicing During this Pandemic? 

Of course, you can. Doris Chiang encourages her students to attend her online lessons regularly so they can’t stop learning to play the piano. To inquire about the online piano lessons Yorba Linda trusts, please call (562) 537-7548