Should Piano Students Learn Jazz Instead of Classical?

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So you have decided to learn the piano by attending piano lessons in Anaheim. Naturally, there are many questions you have in your mind and decisions to make. One of them could be choosing a jazz piano lesson or classical. Which one is better for your piano skills? 

Knowing the Piano Lessons in Anaheim by Doris Chiang

When you choose the piano lessons of Doris Chiang, you have a say when it comes to what type of piano methodology you wish to follow. The classical approach is definitely more mainstream. In that case, Doris will teach you classical piano lessons, instead of jazz piano lessons. However, if you prefer to study jazz piano first, it can still be arranged. But why do some students choose to learn jazz piano instead? 

Improvisation of Jazz 

One of the things that many students like about jazz piano is that they can improvise. It’s the heart of this approach. Many jazz pianists don’t rely too much on the printed manuscript. The reason for this is that jazz music originated in the spirit of freedom in America. But just because these pianists prefer jazz piano it doesn’t mean that they are not trained to play classical pieces. Classical music is vital in every piano learning because it helps you hone your skills. It means that after mastering the classical approach, it’s easy to improvise and move to play jazz music. 

Able to Memorize Plenty of Songs 

Another reason piano learners choose the jazz approach is that they can memorize hundreds of songs. However, classical pianists can also memorize hundreds of pieces. But they depend on their score and muscle memory. Furthermore, jazz piano learners can easily stylize any song. The reason for this is that learners are taught different styles, like swing, jazz ballad, etc. With that in mind, they can easily adapt a melody and can play on the fly. Then, there’s the fact that you can easily understand chords. It will help you personalize just any song you wish to play. Because you get a functional understanding of music, you can easily analyze harmony on different levels. It’s one reason many jazz artists can easily create their arrangements involving passing chords. 

Training Your Ear 

Jazz pianists trained their ears to hear chord nuances and deploy them at will. It means that they can identify the chords and progression just by listening to the radio. However, all of these can be learned through the classical piano approach. But it’s only possible if your teacher is Doris Chiang. Doris is a world-renowned pianist with a doctorate in musical arts from the University of Southern California. Her piano studio in Orange County Area offers different piano lessons, from jazz music to classical approach. Currently, she only offers online piano lessons because of the pandemic. However, the online lessons are still fun and exciting. She ensures that her students will learn a lot after every lesson, which will assist them to become bonafide pianists. Know more about her online piano lessons Anaheim trusts by calling her studio at (562) 537-7548.