Piano Teacher Orange County Tips on Slow Learners

Piano Teacher Orange County

Practice is vital when learning any kind of musical instruments. Doris Chiang is a piano teacher in Orange County with more than two decades of experience. She can teach you how to focus well to improve your piano skills, even if you are a slow learner.

When practicing on your own, make sure that you have set a clear goal for yourself.

Set a Goal

When sitting down at the piano, do not set a vague goal of playing for 30 minutes. Instead, you must have a clear goal of something like, “I’ll learn how to play the first part of Bohemian Rhapsody.” Focus on that goal. Do not stop until you reach it.

If you do set a goal, make sure that it is realistic. For example, if you can only play for two hours, you should not start practicing classical music because they can be difficult to play.

Furthermore, classical music takes a lot of time to master it. Instead, set a goal that you can achieve within the time frame.

Piano Teacher Orange County

Do Not Forget to Warm Up

Both slow learners and faster learners must warm up before playing. Warming is vital to avoid suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. When you take piano lessons with the piano teacher in Orange County, she will first ask you to warm up before starting the lesson.

Practice the Fundamentals

Allot a minimum of 15 minutes to practice scales, timing and other fundamentals. Bear in mind that by repetition, you can improve your technical skills.

Slow It Down

If the song is difficult to play, make sure to learn it at half-speed. It does not matter how slow you are. What matters most here is you can play the song perfectly at whatever speed you choose.

Once you have mastered it at that speed, you can speed up a little bit until you can play it perfectly.

For example, if you are trying to learn how to play the “Fight of the Bumblebee,” start at 50bmp. When you can master it at that speed, you can speed it up to 70 until you can play the music at 500 bpm, which is the correct speed.

Advance Your Skills

You need to be dedicated if you desire to master playing the piano. Work with a professional piano teacher in Orange County to help you speed up your game. Contact our piano teacher today by calling (562) 537-7548.