Feel the Beauty of the Music through Piano Lessons in Lakewood

Listening to music is a great way to relax and enjoy the sounds of the performers and songs that you love. For some people, listening is all you need to experience great pleasure, but for others, the passion for music may run deeper, and you want to become more involved with the songs and instruments that move you. This passion is what drives many people to learn to play instruments like the piano. When you take piano lessons in Lakewood from an instructor like myself, Dr. Doris Chiang, you can get the opportunity to feel the beauty of the music specially and uniquely that you can then share with others.

Explore the Music You Love in Lessons

When you take lessons with me, you will get the opportunity to explore the music that you love most in your lessons. Whether your passion is in classical music, jazz, pop or another musical genre, we can tailor your lessons so that you learn the different styles and methods used to help you play and perform this music. You will find that playing the songs you love gives you a deeper appreciation for them as you see the nuances and style choices that go into playing each piece.

Piano Lessons Make Music More Enjoyable

The piano lessons in Lakewood that you can get with me will help you enjoy music even more and on a more profound level. You may find that you get swept up in the beauty of different pieces as you play them and as you listen to them in others’ performances. Music can come to mean even more to you as you learn and explore playing the piano with each passing lesson. You may find that your experienceswith our lessons together open you up to new worlds and genres of music that you never imagined you would love.

Let’s Work through Lessons Together

As an experienced professional pianist and instructor, I can help give you a much great appreciation for playing the piano and let you see and feel the beauty of the music you love on different levels. If you are interested in starting piano lessons in Lakewood with me, Dr. Doris Chiang, please feel free to give me a call at 562-537- 7548. We can schedule a time to meet so we can discuss your love of music and what lessons can be like for you as we work together.