Dr. Chiang – A Quality Piano Teacher in OC

One of the instruments more people wish they knew how to play is the piano. It does not matter what age you may be; there is something about the music that can be played on the piano that people find exciting, interesting and enticing. Very often just listening to piano music often can make you want to learn how to play the songs you love to hear. The best way for you to gain the experience of playing the styles and songs you love is to seek out piano lessons so you can learn and grow as a piano player. If you are in California and are looking to get piano lessons you want to see about getting lessons from Dr. Chiang, piano teacher in OC.

The Background and Experience of Dr. Chiang

Dr. Doris Chiang has just the level of experience as both a professional pianist and an instructor that you want for your piano teacher. Dr. Chiang has a Doctoral degree in Musical Arts that she received from the University of Southern California. She is an accomplished soloist and chamber pianist of her own, having played in programs and at events all over. She also has been teaching piano for many years, with over twenty years of experience in giving private lessons to students of all ages and experience levels.

Learn the Music You Love

Dr. Chiang can work with you to help you learn to play just the type of music you have the most interest in. Whether you have a keen interest in learning to play classical pieces, want to play your favorite pop tunes or want to be able to play jazz piano, Dr. Chiang can provide you with the instruction you need. AS an added plus, if you are unable to go to her studio for your lessons, she provides lessons available online through Skype sessions. This gives you the opportunity to take lessons right at your own home on a schedule that works better for you.

Having a quality teacher to guide you in your playing is going to help you become the type of piano player you have always dreamed of. Dr. Doris Chiang can provide you with instruction you need and help you to have fun along the way so that your love of the piano continues to grow with each lesson that you take.