Doris Chiang Explains Reasons Some Drop Out of Piano Lessons

Doris Chiang

When learning the piano, it is not all rainbows and sunshine. But it is quite different when you choose to enroll in one of Doris Chiang  piano lessons.

A renowned piano teacher, Doris Chiang offers piano lessons that are exciting and encouraging at the same time. When asked why some people drop out of their piano lessons while enrolled in some musical schools?

Doris explained that piano lessons are not for everyone. Just to be clear that the drop out rates at Doris’ studio is quite low. She believes that the piano teacher has a main role in encouraging students to continue learning. And that is what she does to all her students.

It is Difficult

At first, piano lessons are easy. However, as you advance, the stuff gets serious. And when that happens, people quit. They realize that piano lessons are not all fun and games.
Doris Chiang’s piano lessons
It is not an easy feat, according to Doris. That’s why Doris makes sure that her piano lessons are entertaining and exciting. She pushes her students to their limits but not to the point of frustrating them.

The High Cost

Piano lessons require that you purchase your own piano so you can practice every day. But most pianos, these days, cost a lot.

Doris advises her students to just rent a piano or buy a keyboard at first. Furthermore, the piano lessons of this piano teacher in Newport Beach are not too expensive.

But Doris does not sacrifice the quality of lessons that she offers to her students. And that’s what makes her stand out from other piano teachers in Newport Beach.

Not Seeing Progress

It is easy to get frustrated when you do not see any progress. This complaint is common among amateurs or those who just started playing the piano.

But Doris said that every person has his/her own learning speed. Some may catch up easily while others can take time.

For Doris, it is normal for students to get frustrated. When she sees that frustration in her students’ faces, she will come up with some exciting drills that will boost their enthusiasm.

She will also explain to them that patience is vital when learning the piano. Doris advises her students not to put high expectations to themselves. Instead, they must enjoy and have a blast mastering her piano lessons.

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