Do Piano Lessons in Newport Beach Boost Some Areas of Your Life?

People in Newport Beach do not just go rowing, canoeing, and sailing in their spare time. Some of them would go to classes and workshops. And those who want to be the next Bach attend the piano lessons in the Newport Beach studio of Doris Chiang.

Doris’ Piano Lessons in Newport Beach 

Many of her students are curious about how playing the piano at an early age can boost some aspects of their life. It is widely known that if you learned to play the piano before the age of 7, you can prevent hearing and memory loss.

Piano Lessons in Newport Beach

Early-trained musicians could easily outperform those late-trained artists on visual and auditor synchronization tasks.

Learning to play the piano requires proper coordination between the hands and visual or auditory stimuli. Thus, it is likely to improve the connection between motor and sensory areas of your brain.

Of course, you cannot expect your kid or yourself to be the next Einstein. Instead, if you are an early starter, you will develop some skills that can help you later in life. Keep in mind that musical performance is not only about skills but also about style, enthusiasm, and other things.

Learning to play an instrument can improve cognitive skills, which are vital in your adult life as you are establishing a career.

Patience and Creativity

When learning the piano, your brain gets to exercise. Because it takes focus and knowledge, your patience is tested when you learn a new piece. While you focus, you are exercising your patience.

Patience is a vital skill these days considering that we are living in a technology-advanced society. It is a great tool to help you overcome frustrations.

Apart from patience, creativity is another benefit that one gets when learning the piano. Doris Chiang’s piano lessons encourage you to utilize your improvisational skills to create unique sounds.

Then, learning piano lessons will also boost your time management skills. Keep in mind that practicing requires adding another activity to your busy schedule. You will learn how to properly manage your time to ensure that you can attend your lesson while fulfilling other duties.

The piano lessons in Newport Beach studio of Doris Chiang can be an amazing tool to improve your creativity, patience and other skills that are proven to be useful in many aspects of your life. So start learning how to play the piano today with Master Doris Chiang. Get an appointment by calling us today at (562) 537 7548.