Can Music Events Aid Piano Learning?

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Piano lessons in Huntington Beach require regular practice. However, some students find it boring to always stare at their musical sheet and try to hit the right notes. Boredom is one of the enemies of piano students. And if they feel bored, they stop learning. Thankfully, there are ways to kill boredom and prevent students from ending their piano lessons. Have you tried attending music events? 

Are Music Events Part of Piano Lessons in Huntington Beach

Attending music events is undoubtedly beneficial. Huntington Beach hosts several music events every year. You may still favor staying in your house and watching YouTube music videos. But attending some music events can aid you as a piano student. If you wish to improve your learning, consider getting yourself out and attending concerts, gigs, and workshops. 

What are the Benefits of Going to Concerts, Gigs, or Music Festivals? 

Add Fuel to Your Passion 

You may think that watching pianists perform their repertoire to perfection can discourage you to improve your skills. But you can choose to see it in a different light. Why not use it as a way to ignite your musical genius? The perfect performance that you see during the music festival will encourage you to do better and imagine yourself performing on stage, just like the pianists you’re watching. 

Use It to Network 

When you attend a music festival, for instance, you’ll be in a room full of music enthusiasts. Some of them are piano beginners. While others are already music executives. Use it to network with them. Perhaps, you are looking for a second-hand piano that you want to use for your piano lessons with Doris Chiang. And someone in attendance is selling his/her old, grand piano. That’s the power of networking. 

Widen Your Inspiration 

If you wish to grow as a pianist, you need to widen your scope of inspiration. In that case, you must also grow yourself as a musician. Attending only piano events may not find your uniqueness. Keep in mind that you can find inspiration everywhere. Instead of focusing on classical shows, why not attend jazz shows or a rock concert. You may also catch a local RnB gig. The wider your scope of inspiration is, the better it is for your creativity and knowledge. 

Fall in Love with Piano Again 

Piano lessons and practice can sometimes be draining. It’s especially true if what you do every day is play the piano. If you don’t divert your attention to other things, you’ll lose your passion. But when you attend a musical event and watch other artists on stage, you’ll be reminded why you fell in love with piano in the first place. Thus, the next time you get bored, head over to a local jazz piano bar in Huntington Beach and watch another pianist play. 

piano lessons Huntington Beach

Struggling to Stay on Course? 

If you want to learn to play this musical piece of instrument again, consider attending piano lessons in Huntington Beach. Doris Chiang will help in reminding yourself why you fell in love with piano before. Talk to our piano teacher today at (562) 537-7548.