Beginner Piano Lessons in Lakewood for Your Child

Beginner Piano Lessons in Lakewood

Nearly everyone enjoys listening to music. This is something that is typically fostered from a very young age and many children quickly develop a great love for music and show a real interest in learning to play an instrument. If your child has shown this type of interest and loves the idea of playing the keyboards or piano, you want to do all that you can to maintain this love. It can be a great personal and creative expression for them as they grow older. In order to get your child started on the right path you want to find a good place to get beginner piano lessons in Lakewood for your child.

Knowing When to Start

Many parents may wonder just when the best time to start a child with regular lessons can be. AS an instructor, I can tell you that there really is not particular set or recommended age to start out with lessons. A lot really depends on your particular child and their desire to learn. I have had students that start from as young as three years old while others do not start until their early pre-teen years. Generally, if your child is reading on his or her own they are likely ready to begin lessons.

Interviewing with a Teacher

Beginner Piano Lessons in Lakewood

Perhaps the most important when establishing piano lessons in Lakewood with a teacher is interviewing with the teacher. You want to take the time to bring your child to any teacher that you are considering so that the two individuals can meet and talk. This not only gives a chance for each person to see how comfortable they are with each other but it also gives the teacher the opportunity to see what type of readiness your child may have for regular lessons. This also gives you as the parent the opportunity to ask questions regarding the teacher’s experience and what the expectations are in terms of practice, schedules, and rates and so on.

Finding the Right Teacher

If you are looking for beginner piano lessons in Lakewood for your child I will be happy to arrange an appointment for an interview with you and your child to discuss potential lessons. You can contact me, Dr. Doris Chiang, at 562-537-7548. I have nearly twenty-five years of piano teaching experience with students of all ages and can work with your child to help them develop as a pianist and further their love of playing.