Advice about Selecting a Piano Teacher in Lakewood

Advice about Selecting a Piano Teacher in Lakewood

Whether you are a parent looking for an instructor for your child or an adult that wants to learn to play the piano, you want to take some time in deciding on just the right teacher to help you. Music is a great passion and love, and you want to do all you can to foster it in your child or yourself, and having the right teacher to bring all of this out is a key. There are many people today that offer piano lessons in your area, so taking the time to choose the perfect person for you will take some work, but the effort you put into your search will be very rewarding for you. When you are selecting a piano teacher in Lakewood, there are a few simple steps you may want to follow that I always suggest that can help point you in the right direction.

Experience is Naturally Important

The experience of the teacher that you select is something you want to consider closely. Ideally, your teacher is going to be someone that has years of teaching experience so that you know they are comfortable with students. An experienced teacher will have the patience necessary to work with students (either children or adults), understanding that not everyone is an expert or has any musical experience at all. The right teacher will be able to quickly determine the best place for you to begin your lessons so that you have a good experience in learning right away and want to continue.

Personality Matters Too

When you are looking for a piano teacher in Lakewood, the personality of the teacher is also going to play an important role. While you want a teacher that is dedicated to teaching and will help you progress, you also want someone that has a warm personality. Learning to play the piano should be a joyful and fun experience for you or your child, not something that you dread going to because the teacher does not seem to enjoy the experience or does not connect with you.

The Right Teacher for You

If you are looking for a piano teacher in Lakewood, I would be happy to talk with you and discuss lessons for you or your child. I am Dr. Doris Chiang, and I have been providing lessons in the area for many years. I have a great love of music and the piano and would love to help you or your child learn and enjoy playing. You can reach me at 562-537-7548 to arrange a meeting to discuss lessons so that I can help you experience the fun and love of piano playing.