Is It Possible to Learn Piano Just by Watching YouTube Videos?

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It is possible to learn piano by watching YouTube videos. However, nothing can beat the piano lessons in Brea by Doris Chiang. The best way to learn piano is from an experienced instructor, like Doris Chiang. However, some students prefer to learn on their own. There’s nothing wrong with it. Learning on your own can help you develop important piano skills. However, not all people can play those difficult classical musical pieces just by watching YouTube videos. And this is where piano lessons are vital. 

Attending Piano Lessons in Brea Will Pay Off in the Long Run 

As mentioned, you can always choose to learn on your own. You can do so by watching YouTube videos. There are apps that you can download on your phone that will help you start playing the piano. Then again, having a real teacher offers more benefits. Your piano teacher will help take your piano skills to new heights. These are impossible when you just teach yourself piano on your own or use those online programs. 

Stay on Track 

Most world-renowned pianists had real piano lessons before they became popular. It means that they had a piano teacher who checked in with them so they were held accountable for each aspect of their piano experience. Piano teachers are essential because they can help you stay on track with practice. Because you know that they will observe your progress every week, you are motivated to practice. Even if you don’t like practicing because of your busy schedule, you will have no choice but to consistently practice because you don’t want your teacher to reprimand you. Your teacher may not reprimand you after knowing that you didn’t practice. But your teacher will look at the accuracy of how you play the piano. When you just learn on your own, some mistakes will turn into bad habits. They’ll creep in later on in your piano-playing life. However, when you attend virtual piano lessons, your teacher will notice many things, including those little mistakes of yours. The piano teacher will correct them so they won’t turn into bad habits. 

In that case, you’re likely to be mindful of every detail when you practice playing the piano. There’s no right or wrong way to learn the piano. But working with a piano teacher with years of teaching experience will assist you in finding the right approach to learning the piano. You can be an auditory learner, a visual learner, or a kinesthetic learner. If you attend the virtual piano lessons of Doris Chiang, you will be aware of your learning strengths. Doris will provide you the best resources so you can succeed in the unique learning style that you want. Furthermore, Doris can help you recognize your challenges in playing the piano. She will be there to help you overcome them. 

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